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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 5, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> steve:now at eight. you've got nearly 600 homes destroyed. last year's valley fire was one of the worst in california history. we look into whether this year could bring even more destructive wildfires. whoosh nat body cameras give an unprecedented view of the pursuit of an unarmed teenager shot to death by chicago police. whoosh first, they were all over 18. stockton's mayor defends his strip poker parties with young women at his summer camp whoosh the zika scare is getting the headlines. why bay area health officials say we should be worrying about another virus you're watching kron four news in prime time. now at 8. >> vicki:it could get worse before it gets better.
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an army of firefighters battling wildfire across california tonight. as tens of thousands of acres go up in flames. we are tracking the destruction tonight. you're looking at video from the cold fire in yolo county and the soberanes fire in monterey county. good evening i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore. >> steve:and i'm steve aveson. tonight we are looking into why this fire season may be more of a challenge for firefighters. kron-4's spencer blake joins us now.and spencer is there progress tonight on the fire lines? >> reporter:the progress is very slow-going, let's put it that way. the cold fire up in yolo county is still just 15 percent contained, and it's burned 47- hundred acres. and down in monterey county, the 54-thousand acre soberanes fire is 35 percent contained. those stats are comign from cal firebut even on the municipal level, fire stations like this one in palo alto can feel the heat of the 2016 fire season. in some ways, this summer's fire season isn't as bad as 2015's. through the end of july, fires only burned *half as many acres as they did during the first seven months of last year. but when it comes to strike teams from local station, things
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are on track to be a lot busier. "last year we went out on three wildland fires and this year - for the whole summer of last year. and this year, we've gone out on three already, and we're still right in the middle of wildland season." palo alto's third strike team of the year comes home tonight from the soberanes fire. earlier this week, another palo alto unit returned, along with a team from san francisco. luke michaelis â sffd "you're hiking a lot, and you're putting a lot of effort into it. it's hot and you have a lot of clothes on and you're wearing packs of hose." but there's not much rest for the department. battalion chief bobby davis thinks it's likely they'll be called to wildfires *again sometime very soon. >>:"with our second strike team coming back today, we're already kinda prepping to get ready to go, and we want to be ready just in case." >> reporter:so far wildfires have killed seven californians in 2016. that's just two away from 2015's total of nine. cal fire's lynn tolmachoff says the burning started late this year.
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but the once lush, green grass brought on by winter rainis all dried out now. >>:"those fires, if they burn into other types of vegetation such as the brush and the tress, that'll end up creating the larger, more devastating fires." >> reporter:to date, 2016 has had 77 *more fires than 2015 didand that number is only going up. as for the cold fire, cal fire is hoping to have that one compeltely contained by the middle of next week. for the soberanes fire though.they're guessing full containment won't happentil the end of the month. live in palo alto, spencer blake, kron four news. >> vicki:thank you spencer for that report. >> reporter: the how the fire season looks like a hot
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temperatures the past couple weeks stickful as we're seeing some very dry conditions in land. and we have good news things are about to change ridge of high pressure over the southwest " move further to the east a stronger onshore breeze it will cool down temperatures were as hot for much more mild and les temperatures are topping out with '70s '80s just a couple weeks ago '90s even some triple digits paul i coastline some '60s along the drizzle and then fill the way up and this type of weather will be around for the better part of this next week. >> steve:two new cases of the zika virus have been confirmed in san francisco. grant lodes is here with the details. >> grant:san francisco confirms
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two new cases of zika virus, bringing total to 10 patients contracted the virus during travel outside the united states no risk to public health, zika not circulating in san francisco san francisco - the department of public health reports that a total of 10 san francisco residents have tested positive for the zika virus as of august 5, with two new cases diagnosed in the last week. all the patients contracted the virus while traveling in countries where zika virus is circulating. there is no risk to the public, and zika is not circulating in san francisco, the bay area or california. the san francisco health department will provide no further details on local zika cases, in order to protect patient privacy. the california department of public health continues to update and publish weekly a tally of the number of zika cases by county, and provides pregnancy information in the aggregate. zika-related birth defects was delivered at in berkeley. the health department says all of the patients in san francisco contracted the virus while they were traveling outside of the country. and it is not circulating around the city. unfortunatley it's a different story in florida.where officials are spraying a 10 square mile area in miami-dade county to fight mosquitos carrying the virus. now chuck clifford joins us live with more details on a virus that bay area residents need to look out for. >> reporter:according to the
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cdc, zika virus and west nile virus infections share several similarities. first, most people who contract either disease never know it. but those who do fall ill often develop a rash, joint pain, or headaches. west nile can also lead to symptoms such as vomiting, diareha and body aches and in very rare cases more serious complications can occur. but most people who develop either disease also recover completely. the biggest concern with zika virus is that pregnant women who fall ill could give birth to children suffering from microcephaly, a very serious type birth defect. the other similarity between zika and west nile is that both viruses are transmitted primarily through mosquito bites. but here in the bay area, our vector control agencies are more focused on stopping west nile virus because the type of mosquitoes.. like this one... that spread zika virus doesn't live in our region. all of the confirmed cases of zika virus in california are in people who had recently travelled to countries where the virus is endemic. at this point, there's no evidence that zika is spreading within the state but
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so far in 2016 10 people have contracted west nile in california and one person has died from the disease. >> reporter:health experts say that for now, west nile virus is the more dangerous disease. nat of car and shooting newly released videos tonight show the events leading up to the chicago police shooting of an unarmed teenager last week. >> steve:three officers have been relieved of duty and the victim's family is demanding an outside investigation tonight.
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>> vicki:in all chicago police released nine different videos. from dashboard and body cameras. some of them are graphic. catherine heenan takes us through them. nat >> catherine:we're going to pick up the story here. the stolen s=model jaguar sideswipes one police car and heads towards another one blocking the street while at least two officers begin shooting. they fire at least 15 shots in five seconds. nat now let's take it from another angle. we'll stop it here. there's the jaguar sideswiping the patrol car. now it's accelerating down the street. into a head on collision. nat 18 year old paul o'neal is allegedly at the wheel. nat now we are back to the body cam view of the officers who fired the initial shots. you can see police pursuing the suspect into the back yard of this home.
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nat multiple shots are heard. but there is no bodycam video from the officer who fired the fatal shot. the next time we see o'neal, he is lying face=down on the ground, being handcuffed as blood soaks his t=shirt from a bullet wound in his back. officers assure each other they acted in self defense. nat he shot too? yeah they shot at us, right? right but no gun was found. "what i saw was a cold blooded murder. it was a cold blooded killing." o'neal's family was shown the videos before their release today. : "these officers had their own street justice. in their minds, they played judge, jury, and executioner." o'neal's sister, devastated. : "i'm very hurt. words can't describe how i feel at this moment." : "paul was loved by my mother, his family, me." : "paul had goals." the three officers are facing a disciplinary hearing for violating chicago police rules on use of forse. those rules specifically prohibit police from firing at moving vehicles if the vehicles are the only threat to officers. a rifle was found on the mcarther bart station platform yesterday. >> vicki:bart police say an employee spotted a case under a bench during the thursday morning commute. a.22-caliber winchester rifle was found inside.
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bart did not say whether the rifle was loaded. police have yet to associate the gun with a crime. >>:"'for those of you that have been missing your episodes of hours of cards, scandal or game of thrones then im sure youve been following stockton politics for the past week and its also been equally as entertaining.' >> steve:the mayor of stockton.firing back for the first time since his arrest. he faces charges of secretly recording a strip poker game at a summer camp he runs for under privileged kids. mayor anthony silva. denied he did anything wrong. and called the charges "politically motivated." kron 4's justine waldman has been following this story. she is here now with the latest details. justine? "i'm innocent." >> reporter:the mayor of stockton. forcefully denied any wrongdoing. a day after bailing out of jail
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for allegedly playing strip poker, providing alcohol and secretly recording audio of the party with counselors in 2015 at his silver lake camp. "number one everyone there was 18 years old #2 i never ever ever endangered a child - ever. #3 i never provided alcohol to anyone and i certainly did not secretly record anyone" court documents show the 2 women and three men who were playing strip poker in the mayor's bedroom and were 18 or 19 years old. but one participant was a 16 year old boy. -also that at some point all the players in the game were naked. -and that beer and vodka were present at the camp on the last day of camp friday. parents were eager to reunite with the kids.
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"very disturbing as a parent, you know, we pay for our kids to go and have a good time. the calls for silva's resignation are getting louder. "in my opinion i think its time if the mayor really truly cares about the city of stockton and its citizens i think he should residnt immediately" the mayor also addressed the stolen gun from his home. that was used in the 2015 murder of 13 year old rayshawn harris.. saying he prays for the victims family. and he is cooperating with the investigation. "i have never seen the victim of a theft being trashed in the media like i have" the people of stockton. are losing faith in their mayor. 'i definitely lost all trust in him"
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silva, who is seeking re- election in the fall, said the timing of the news about the gun was "politically motivated and calculated." san jose officials are looking for drivers to participate in a traffic study. the research is designed to figure out if drivers with information about traffic signals drive more safely and save on gas. a south bay woman's car stolen what happens when she confronts orlando nightclub. what an autopsy revealed omar mateen had in system. the deputy who shot and killed 13 year old andy lopez has a new role in bay area law
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real ak-47. protesters demanded he be fired. but it was determined, while tragic, the shooting was not against the law. in his new position- gelhaus gets a raise. and will oversee eight to 10 deputies. gelhaus is an iraq war veteran and has a bachelor's and master's degree. he has been with the sheriff's office for 26 years. san francisco has hosted the outside lands for years now and neighbors in the area are no stranger to the added noise and people that come with it. >> grant: the female suspect johnson the running car trying to take off for the car's owner from inside fellow's happening ran out and then got in front of her car the fee for gun debt and hitting the owner mcnall not
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seriously hurt the other suspect the guy gets involved lexus they rolled up then and then he takes off as well. 630 in the morning of july 18th of the luggage of still images >> steve:kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at the music festival with more on security initiatives and how people living near golden gate park are coping. >> reporter: your golden gate park during the best match of the area is secure for this three daylong event it comes in three days of people out here of course of more noisy in here the music searing out from inside
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the golden gate park area. we spoke with neighbors and are not too concerned they're worried about the people that are not as concerned might be leading leading trash behind. take a look at this aerial san francisco police say event
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organizers manage drunk or intoxicated concert goers by up. don't mind it at all." "well there is extra, extra noise, extra garbage on the ground." "i think it's a good thing for the city it provides temporary jobs for people." i havent seen much trash or debris left behind but it is a bit early at people are getting ready to leave now - we'll see if that changes once crowds die down later tonight. we'll also hear from sfpd tonight at 10 on what they do to secure the area during outside lands. live at golden gate park ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >> steve:one east bay city is getting a year. >> reporter: expecting some
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drizzle a special in the morning hours in the afternoon and then will be cool and breezy highs allantois '60s golden gate park a great lineup of singers. 24 and the dealt the and the push for low clouds while onshore and into the valleys. they're running below average today but not that still allow warm 80 degrees conquered 74 in santa rosa. and then into the evening hours of these will continue and more clouds filter into the bay and some local valleys as well.
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cool temperatures for the bay area and that will have cool air sustained hot and then some 90s in the interior valleys nice afternoon partly cloudy early on sunday and comfortably in the '70s. differences go another story we starts out: " all day long with all low clouds drizzle. special in the early morning at oakland we see clouds early on getting light and mostly sunny skies with site temperatures run the bay area should be 70 the '80s well inland. 57 news on the bay '50s and '60s along a coastline. . >> steve: staff and students of the sparkling new "bella vista elementary school" in san ramon are anxious for the school's grand opening. but as impressive as the new building may be. teachers say it's the new curriculum that makes this school truly unique.
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officials will add "project launch" into classrooms. it's a "hands-on" learning program that introduces young students to science, engineering and design.
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people in a homeless encampment in berkeley have been cut-off from a section of the gilman street overpass. caltrans has tried several unsuccessful attempts to deter the encampment. and this time the transit agency is kicking it up a notch. kron4's haaziq madyun takes a look at the latest effort to >>:"the whole cart, everything, it's like they just picked it up and put it into the trash compactor" "it's just their way of keeping the homeless down" "we're missing humanity, we live here" >> reporter:but living here under the gilman street overpass in berkeley just became more difficult now that a fortified fence is being installed by caltrans >>:"earlier this week i was actually contacted by a woman who said a lot of her items were stolen near-by and were located here in the encampment" >> reporter:california highway patrol officer sean wilkenfeld says crime is not the only issue here >>:"it's a big health hazard, it's a big safety hazard, we've had a history of people with mental illness in the area, people with active warrants, lots of drug use and there's a lot of needles as well"
8:24 pm
the city of berkeley offers services and temporary shelters but they are often rejected by people like kenneth jones who says he prefers the freedom of living on gilman "just over here is the water, man, that's the bay, they put our backs to the sea, now there is nothing else to do, we don't know where to go or who to go to, it is what is" caltrans began erecting the new and improved fencing here on the westside of the overpass, forcing the encampment to relocate across the street. temorarily that is, because the next phase of fencing is expected to go up later this berkeley haaziq madyun kron4news new ahead at 8. a gasoline tank doused in fuel and ready to explode. >> steve:then an officer risks his life to stop the chaos. the jaw-dropping moments caught on camera. >> vicki:hillary clinton says she knows the people do not trust her. how she's trying to change public opinion. hillary clinton says she knows that she has work to do. to win over americans' trust. ♪ susie got all germy
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the presidential nominee has some of the highest unfavorable ratings of any presidential candidate in modern history. in many polls, a majority of americans say they don't trust her. speaking to reporters today- clinton blames some of her low approval rating on republican attacks. she said she gets higher marks from americans when she is serving in public office. >> steve:autopsy results show the gunman who killed 49-people in the orlando nightclub attack was shot at least 8 times in the standoff with police. the medical examiner released the results today.saying shooter, omar mateen was hit by bullets all over his body.including his head, neck, and chest. no drugs or alcohol were found in his blood.but a compound often associated with bodybuilding supplements was found at higher levels than normal. mateen reportedly pleged allegiance to isis before the rampage, that ended when he died in a hail of gunfire by
8:28 pm
responding police officers.
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concern about the security of u-s nuclear weapons -- but he's also voiced a willingness to use them. critics, including hillary clinton, say trump can't be trusted with nuclear weapons -- meaning the command codes and communications devices that are always carried by a military aide accompanying the president. they enable the commander-in- chief to set a nuclear strike in motion-- from a motorcade, an aircraft, even from inside an elevator. brian todd found out exactly how the nuclear briefcase works.
8:31 pm
>> reporter:you may wonder -- if the president decided to launch a nuclear strike - is there anyone who can stop that order? the white house won't comment. but pete metzger and other experts tell us: unless there's a full-on mutiny, *no one * can stop that order. >>: as the play's 900 on the order of 1020 times more powerful and weapons that destroy before. >> reporter: aids from the armed forces working rotating carrying the football three years young marine major p. carried the new killer focal for reagan responsibility can be nerve wracking. as a separate
8:32 pm
football for the vice president and commander in chief becomes incapacitated inside this communication equipment and he won't discuss their contents but bell former director of the white house military office described in his book for crucial components inside. black book listing strike options for retaliation that u.s. attack of the killer weapons a book listing bunker locations the president can be taken an emergency. of a mail folder with emergency broadcast system of the small car authentication code to verify its the president ordering an end to launch. hilary says that god doesn't have the right temperament to handle the codes. trump has repeated that.
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>> vicki: today to honor the fallen san diego police officer. guzman.known to many as j- d.was killed in the line of duty last month. today he was remembered by
8:34 pm
family.friends and police arround the a dedicated and driven officer.but most importantly a family man and an inspiration. j-d was born and raised in the philippines and came to the u-s when he was 21 years old. he joined the force where he was with the san diego police department for 16 years. fellow officers say he was always eager to do his job.even caught a robbery suspect his first night on patrol. he leaves behind his wife.two young children.and a city he loved protecting. in an unusual move, donald trump actually admitted he made a mistake.sort of. he backed off a claim that he saw a video of a 400-million- dollar payment being unloaded from an american plane in iran. but new video is stirring the controversy. grant lodes is here with the details. >> grant:a pallet loaded with what iranian state television claims is cash sent by the u=s. all to pay back iran's money after 35 years. this video, which has not yet been authenticated, aired in iran just days after the release of four american prisoners.
8:35 pm
yesterday the president dismissed any connection between the cash and the prisoners' release. saying the 400-million dollar deal was announced in january. however, the timing of two transactions - u-s prisoners going out, hundreds of millions of dollars going in - raises the question of whether the americans' release was conditional on the payment of money. one of the released prisoners also told the media that when they were waiting for their plane.iranian intelligence said they would be let go once another plane took off. c-n-n asked a u-s official whether iran would have freed the prisoners without that payment.this official told is -quote- "unknowable."
8:36 pm
low clouds return with drizzle along the coast and into the bay. slow clearing on saturday becoming partly cloudy and cooler. >> reporter: will close making its way on to work with some drizzle inside the bay with clerical error that began from the gulf of alaska dipping down in the california and drop-off those temperatures outside that the fed is for firefighters as valuable to get a better handle on those fires and humidity will be way off also. lake tahoe what a gorgeous week. into the '70s all the way monday as well some beautiful weather throughout the area. for 70 this to make doing
8:37 pm
over the bay and then 76 sunnyvale 74 as ua and would redwood city and east bay worries seen triple damages if he and the last couple days if he going down and said the bay 65 degrees breezy 71 fremont in the north bay, but there's a fairly mild in the coastline 77 at the palomar 78 nevada with further inland numbers into the 80s otherwise we will cool down temperatures across the board and those slightly on monday tuesday.
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z >>: music playing. >> reporter: walk popularized in england by frank sinatra.
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>> steve:a miami police officer says thoughts of his family kept him from succumbing to his injuries after a violent encounter with an arsonist. the whole thing was caught on video. kron4's grant lodes joins us now with the story. >> grant:it happened in 2013, but the dramatic video has just now been released. an officer is lucky to be alive after risking his life to stop an arsonist.
8:46 pm
dominique jean tried setting fire to an eight-thousand gallon underground storage tank next to miami's international airport. surveillance video shows the smoke smoldering as jean grabs a gas pump and starts dousing the ground. miami-dade county police officer mario gutierrez, happened to be patrolling the area, he quickly jumped out of his car, and hit the emergency shutoff to the gas pumps. gutierrez tried to stop the man with a taser, but it didn't work. jean started wildly trying to stab gutierrez with a knife. he was stabbed 12 times before he was able to grab his gun and shoot the man to death. a fellow officer discovered gutierrez on the ground covered in blood. he raced him to the hospital just in time to save his life. adele may be one of music's
8:47 pm
biggest stars.but that didn't keep her from having a real life moment at an h&m store in san jose.where her credit card was declined. >> vicki:while performing in the south bay for a show last weekend.the superstar bristish singer told the crowd her card had been declined earlier that day. she said no one recognized her but she was nonetheless "mortified." she said the card worked when making some purchases at a different store. an h&m spokesperson says the company doesn't have any information about adele's mishap.and declined to comment. ap-us--people-adele adele says her credit card was declined at h&m eds: apnewsnow. with ap photos. san jose, calif. - adele may be one of pop music's biggest stars, but she says her fame and
8:48 pm
fortune didn't prevent her credit card from being declined at an h&m store. eddie debartolo. is one step closer to officially being enshrined in the pro football hall of fame. the legendary 49ers owner received his signature gold a special dinner.last after he was introduced, he was famers-- like steve young. debartolo was in charge of the 1977. won 5-super bowl titles. his bronze bust will be unveiled ceremony. late raiders qb ken stabler will also be enshrined. >> gary: they never really felt like there in this game. you watch and that there goes trade turner six hits five runs not the data it thought seven
8:49 pm
nothing and wannabes some good news. boston leading the dodgers and the middle for nothing that score will the giants will be two games up. and putting on his gold jacket and a ceremony can ohio they used to be showing up on the day of the ceremony go from there now at the week-long deal. there's steve young and then from st. ignatius mr. barlow and kenny stabler will represent the bay area tomorrow at the hall of fame induction ceremony
8:50 pm
>> gary: here is what it looked like in rio michael the 18th time gold medalist the flag bearer before the united states usa men's basketball team showed up and the picture is enjoying the moment.
8:51 pm
>> gary: we only hear when oil to get. we've done a lot i appreciated very much. i can afford it. we did have a good time with this poor guy still working for?. >> gary: the same as somebody
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gets good face on them to another team. absolutely right but that's the truth to me by the sea stars people of note and the a's right now are not there. >> gary: alicia could say something insightful i've no idea heard rumors but not come out in a locker room but that is one of the things supposedly everyone roots for and teammates we will see. >> gary: do believe that you don't embarrass yourself. but on the floor when to get going i
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bet he'll never take another picture below the waist again. still ahead at 8. - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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